A Shorter Look: Trump Tweets ‘Fight the Power’ Video?

Guess who spent most of this past weekend stuck in their own bunker? That’s right, our President, Donald Trump. Except it wasn’t the one in D.C. he’s so fond of “inspecting”. No this bunker was located at his Virginia golf course, where he somehow found the time to take not one, but two trips to. Trump plays so much golf these days, players on the PGA tour are jealous.

The President started out by first re-tweeting a video of his supporters that contained, according to him, “great people.” Problem for him was that some of them can clearly be heard shouting the phrase “White Power”…thrice!

Then in true Trumpian “cover your tracks” fashion, the Tweet was deleted three hours later and the damage control ensued. According to White House deputy press secretary Judd Deere: “President Trump…did not hear the one statement made on the video. What he did see was tremendous enthusiasm from his many supporters.” Yes Judd, that enthusiasm WAS tremendous. So was the overt racism. Oh, and it wasn’t “one statement” either Judd. They said it THRICE!

You can already hear the President at the upcoming press conference, trying in vain to “Trump-splain” his actions once again: “I didn’t hear them say anything like that. I thought the guy was saying ‘Fight the Power.’ Thought it was Chuck Dee. He’s a big supporter. Great man, Chuck Dee.”

Trump also spent his time re-tweeting posts of law enforcement posters, seeking the men accused of attempting to topple a statue of Andrew Jackson. The contrast of a sitting President defending the statue of a man who once owned over 150 slaves and the state of Mississippi(!) passing a bill to REMOVE the Confederate symbol from its state flag is staggering. What next Mr. President? Are you going to oppose the renaming of US military bases named after Confederate war heroes? Oh wait, he already did that.

And you know what else he did? He signed yet another useless Executive Order, this one authorizing a penalty of up to 10 years’ in prison for the willful destruction of monuments on Federal property. In other words, Trump just “authorized” the US Attorney General to enforce an already-existing law. On top of that, he had the temerity to describe this particular order with two words: “very strong.” Well we at “A Shorter Look” have our own two words to describe this toothless order: “very redundant.” Now please allow us to play-through.

This has been A Shorter Look 👀



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