Man Reads Meme, Changes Political Affiliation

San Diego, CA — Local man Ken Miller revealed that he changed his entire political affiliation recently after reading a single meme online.

“It was one of those list memes, you know, with one candidates positives listed on one side and the other candidates negatives on the other. Nothing fancy.” explained Miller. “But after completely reading each side from top to bottom, I came to the realization that the guy on the left is just so much better than my guy, the guy on the right.”

“I guess I never took the time to do a thorough analysis of like their policies and stuff, but this meme did an amazing job of summarizing it all for me. It totally changed my mind. And my affiliation!” chuckled Miller.

“And I’ve supported my party for over 20 years too, so it wasn’t like I was one of these people stuck in the middle who can’t take a stand” continued Miller. “I actually liked my candidate, but this meme totally exposed him.”

Miller concluded his revelation by referencing the unlikeliness of his political pivot and reflecting on what could be. “I mean I barely even read memes these days, especially political ones. I usually just check if it was posted by somebody I don’t want to offend and click ‘Like’ but something about this meme was different. Who knows? Maybe reading one of my cousin’s religious memes will get me back to church?”